California, I’ll be back!

Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” They got four seasons here, and they change from day to day. We’ve had breeze and clouds one day out of three so I guess we’re OK.

We arrived here with our guide Arthur, who’s born and raised here in SF. He showed us some of the good tourist spots and told us stories about Chinatown and so forth. We made the city in about 6 hours, efficient!

My top three list of the day reads:
1. Buildings and streets- Victorian houses and steeeeep streets.
2. Chinatown- Huge here in SF, only tourists and Chinese people.
3. Bushman- The guy who sits by Fisherman’s Dwarf and scares passing tourists=)

We’re privileged to stay in a very nice house here in SF. The owners name is George (who has a summerhouse in Sweden) and Wasse knows him through a friend of his family.
George is in the real estate business and owns some very beautiful houses himself. One of them is one the famous Painted Ladies Houses which we where invited to yesterday. We had wine with him, Amber and his mother there and he told us the history of the house and it’s decoration. Very interesting!
It’s located by the Alamo square park which is surrounded by beautiful Victorian houses. I took many pictures so have a look if you’re interested in architecture.

We’re leaving San Francisco and California for studies tomorrow (me and Wasse are going to Detroit). I’ve had a great time here and hopefully I’ll come back.

We had a massage in Chinatown this afternoon. My treatment included cupping, it felt good but my back is full of big ugly dots. You’re not getting pictures of them, I promise=)

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