Different, in many ways…

I had many prejudices before arriving to the US for my first time. Prejudices that I’d got from movies, TV and of course people who’s has been here. Some of them have been fulfilled and some of them weren’t even close.
Some of them are obvious like: “they have bigger cars than us”, yes they sure do. But it’s hard to believe that the difference is so huge before you’ve actually seen and experienced it. I’m now going to present to you, some of the things that I’ve found very American and odd.

  • Grocery stores: If you’re going to buy milk in a ICA store in Sweden, then there’s usally about 5-10 different ones to choose from. Here you’ve got 30. And it’s the same with all articles. So if you’re new to it (like I am) shopping groceries takes some time…
  • Cars: This car is common here: Ford F250, say no more.
  • Toilets: In Sweden we’ve got this “small flush”-button on todays toilets. Over here they just fill up the whole toilet with water and when you flush, it empties the toilet and fills it up again (and I guess that it uses a lot more water).
  • Size: Clothes actually have about the same size like the ones in Sweden (even if XXL is more common here). But the size of the meals here are huge! You never walk out of a restaurant worrying about that you haven’t got you daily need of calories. Especially the sodas are enormous, I don’t think I’ve finished one by myself yet…
  • Alcohol: The beer here is really cheap compared to Sweden. You can get 24 cans of Miller for example, for less than 15$ (100sek) and you pay about 2-5$ for a beer at the bar. Drinking and driving is unfortunately very common here and you’re allowed to have up to 0.8 per mill. But there’s a rule against drinking in the car. Not even the passengers are allowed to have an open bottle in the car.
    Concerning the consumption of alcohol: I believe that Americans drink more often but not as much at the time as the Swedes do. This might have to do with the fact that alcohol is more accessible here.

I will problably come up with a lot more things to write about later, but this is the list for now…

I’ve now added a application to the right sidebar that gives you the opportunity to receive an email every time I publish a new post. Unfortunately it’s not working with Hotmail addresses for the moment but I’m working on it…

Wasse left for Windsor today so I’m quite bored (already), but I’m looking forward to school next week, and tomorrow we’re celebrating Labor day!

8 thoughts on “Different, in many ways…

  1. Anlände precis till mitt boende här i Windsor. Långt ifrån lika fräscht som du bor men det ska nog gå bra! Ska packa ur väskan nu och sen gå ner och snacka lite med snigelätaren…

    T Y för de senaste dagarna förresten, I had great fun! :)

  2. Hoppas det gick snabbare för din chaufför att hitta hem än hit bara=) Gör en hinderbana i hallen när du packar upp vettja, tror inte snigelätaren tar lika lätt på det som jag och miss Hawaii gjorde ;)
    Du är välkommen tillbaks när som W!

  3. Hej Jonas
    Har nu läst igenom dina kommentarer. Kul att språkas vid i går kväll. Du får skriva en manual om hur vi kan kommunicera via datorn. Du vet att detta inte är min starka sida.
    Här skiner solen idag från en klarblå himmel. Det känns att hösten är i antågande. Ser fram emot ledighet och jakt vecka 39-40. Du får kolla på Garmins hemsida om hundpejlen. kanske den finns att köpa i butik där du är?

    Vi hörs

    Pappa, Lotta och Matilda

  4. Det ska jag göra pappa. Hoppas att det fungerar så att du får e-mail när jag skrivit iaf…
    Ska knåpa ihop en Skype-manual.

  5. Yeah! I disagree with one point on your list… you can not be sure to be full when walking out from a restuarant, but it is better than in Sweden anyway and that is good :)

    One thing I was suprised about is how clean it is… In Hawaii we walk often without shoes on the street and sidewalk and dont need to be afraid to walk on a piece of glass or other unpleasent things.

    Good luck at the your first day in School! I am starting to get kind of nervous about it :P Take care!

  6. Hej Jonne! Jag blir lite impad av hemsidan och blogg och guvetvad och bara inser att man är hopplöst ute och omodern *ler*. Visst var Californien häftigt?! Och det mesta i US är “huge”, kundvagnar, glasspaket, matportioner så det är inte konstigt att formatet på människorna är därefter. Det blir jakt i helgen (eller det närmsta halvåret), ska ut med husvagnen igen. Må gott, lillsyrran hälsar, kram från oss alla!

  7. passengers in cars can drink in sweden? I like this and might be a good reason to move there. I would not recommend walking around most of america without shoes however.

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