He’s a little slow…

The funniest thing happend yesterday at the golf club. Two of the guys that we hanged out with suddenly said: “hej allihopa!” to each other, and started to laugh. I was like: “What did you just say???”.
-I said hej allihopa…
-Where did you get that from.
-Dumb dumber.
-Do you know that it’s Swedish? (laughing)
-Aaa, we didn’t know that, we just think it sounds funny when she says it. What does it mean?

It turned out that these guys mocks a lot of movie stuff but it was really hilarious to hear them say it in nearly perfect Swedish, and be able to understand where they got it from (my first thought was of course Dumb dumber).
Enjoy the clip, and the bad actresses=)

2 thoughts on “He’s a little slow…

  1. Lär dom “Tjena! Läget?”, “det är lugnt”, “Jag är jätteglad” och “hej då”

    Det kan alla amerikaner här nu så det är din uppgift att lära hela Detroit ;)

    Simma lugn Jonas. Vi hörs. Ta hand om dig!

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