Father of The Forest

A summary of our two night stay in Los Gatos reads something like this:
We arrived to LG and Wasses relative Marianne and her American husband Arthur on Thursday and left for San Francisco Saturday morning. Marianne and “Art” had a really nice big American house with pool and everything. Los Gatos is a wealthy area and the cities main street was full of fancy restaurants, luxury car dealers and of course houses to big for any Swede. A 300kvm house are here considered a small house, and houses bigger than 1000kvm are not uncommon.


We will not have time to go to the famous redwood forest north of San Francisco so we went to a redwood park nearby LG called The Big Basin Park. The size of these trees are hard to describe even with photos but I think that you’ll get an idea of what they look like in my gallery.


After dinner me, Anders and Wasse went to the big AMC cinema and watched Batman – The Dark Knight. Definitely worth seeing. Mamma Mia and Arn 2 will have to wait=)

Thank you Marianne and Arthur for your hospitality!

Anders quote
While driving outside a school reading a sign he says:
“What does peedestr… mean?”
Over here, he’d probably get a license even if he didn’t know what a pedestrian is=)