“Arrive at destination!”

(Like the lady in our GPS would say it)

I’m now in Michigan – Dearborn, and its dark and warm outside.

After three flights my head is starting to feel a bit tired, and my first night here will be on a broad loom (helt√§ckningsmatta). Me and Wasse picked up the key to my apartment under a rug at the office where Ashley left it earlier. The apartment is huge and non furnished, yet. My roomie: Nick Evans from Santa Barbara will arrive here tomorrow, and his furniture a couple of days later. I will have to find myself a bed and a desk, that’s tomorrows project!

Wasse will stay here (on the floor) with me for about four days before leaving for Windsor- Canada, just across the boarder.

It felt strange to say goodbye to Anders at the airport today. But we spoke with tonight and he had arrived safe to his accomondation in Hawaii. It feels good that we’re going to visit him there in four months…img_2006.jpg

School starts 3rd of September, but we will give it a visit tomorrow I think.

Take care everyone!