Walking!? You mean you’re not driving?

After two days here in Dearborn, I’ve had time to check out the area around the school, the big Fairlane shopping mall (great shopping) and some stores and a restaurant downtown. I must say that it’s not even close to any place in Califonia when it comes to being nice and cozy. You see more cars than people when you walk around and there’s big roads everywhere.

Anyway, the school seems nice and everyone there is very friendly and helpful. I’m almost done with my course registration but I’m on the waiting list for some courses so I’ll get back with my full schedule later.

Yesterday my flatmate Nick arrived (in his Porsche Carrera). A very decent guy that is going to study computer engineering here at UMD. He’s from Santa barbara-CA so everyone is asking him why he’s going to Michigan but he says that this is a really good school for him so he’s willing to give up the good weather for a good education (or something like that).

Like I said before, the apartment is great but we got some issues. Nicks furniture is running late and wont be here before the 4th, and we got no hot water (gas) until the 8th because there’s been a problem with the gas company. The good thing is that we got a exercise/pool-area that’s located just round the corner where we can take a shower.

We (me, Nick, Wasse) are thinking about going out some place tonight but we haven’t really decided yet. The options are not that many=)

I said someting stupid today when me and Nick discussed our living room. The stupid swede thought that we had to buy firewood to use the fireplace…
Of course it’s just to push a button to lit the gas fire=)